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Iraqi Day
by Cpl. Christopher Heckroth

The sun breaks through,
Over the Iraqi sand,
But we Marines have long since been awake,
With duty in our hearts and weapons in hand.
The day is long and tedious,
Through the wind, the sand and the sun,
But we stand strong all day long,
No rest until our jobs are done.
The Choppers again fly over,
In the distance explosions again ring true;
But we are no longer even phased,
We’ve been hardened through and through.
We’ve witnessed the SCUD’s raining down,
And seen our savior Patriot Missiles in flight,
Felt the shockwave as they’ve landed,
And have seen the artillery fire by night.
We’ve donned our chemical suits,
And hugged Mother Earth from our holes,
We’ve all silently said our last good-byes,
And yet, have persevered through it all.
We’ve mourned for our brothers who were lost,
Fighting for the country that they love,
They are the true HEROS of this war,
And now sit with God above.
As the sun sets on the horizon
We sit, and laugh and jest,
The sun is down, the air is cool;
This time of daywe like best.
We read our mail if it comes,
And think of those at home & left behind,
Wishing only to hold our loved ones close,
‘Watch over them Lord, and be kind.’
The mail all read and card games ended,
We now lay down to rest,
Tomorrow will be here all too soon,
And our country needs us to once again do and be our best.

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