It's Not Pretty

It's Not Pretty

Here are two photos of my MCRD, yellow sweatshirt; circa, Receiving Barracks, February 1964. It’s not pretty, but I have saved that thing, despite efforts by deterioration and my wife threatening to toss it out. Many years ago, that ratty sweatshirt almost made it to the garbage can… but I just couldn’t let that happen.


Marine Corps yellow sweatshirt back from circa 1964
And now, for the first time in many, many years, the world is allowed to gaze upon ‘history’!

I was going to have my picture taken wearing it, but it’s in such fragile condition, I decided not to take the chance of it just completely disintegrating.

Semper Fi and “Long live the yellow sweatshirt!”

Bob Lonn
Plt 218
MCRD, San Diego, 1964

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  • Jerry Yocom

    Small world I was in sister platoon same series 1028 in 68. Bet we ate some of the same dirt and lived down the street from each other in the quenset huts. Semper Fi

  • Bob Koceja SGT Pltn 1025 MCRD/SD

    I still have my Boot Camp sweatshirt 1968, and like you I cut the sleeves off. It also shrunk.

  • jon m . duxbury

    i would frame it.its a part of your life you will never forget .Semper Fi

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