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Original photo of Bill and his Brother and retouched colorized photo below Dear Sgt. Grit.

The attached photo (the B&W) was taken by an official Marine photographer About March 6, 1945. My brother (on the right) was with Headquarters 5th Amphibious Corps and for the Iwo operation was attached to the Fourth MarDiv as a communication liaison between Division and Corps Headquarters. I (on the left)was in Signal Company, Headquarters Bn. Fifth Marine Division. That’s a radio jeep we are standing next to on Iwo Jima. Obviously, we were both on Iwo, and we both survived.

We met again on Occupation duty in Sasebo, Japan. The restored and colorized version was done by my nephew, Rich Setterberg, son of (then) Captain Ed Setterberg , who was headed for Okinawa. He too met my brother and I in Japan on occupation duty. All three of us came back to the states on the same ship, arriving in San Diego on Christmas Eve, 1945. Not only did my brother Al survive the operation, he also survived being swept out to sea in an undertow. I was standing outside our communications tent and saw an Army Dukw heading out off shore, not knowing that they were going out to pick up my brother. He said the last thing he could see was Mt. Suribachi. But, thankfully, they saved him and the rest is the history above.

Thanks for the opportunity to bring back memories.

Bill Daw
Cpl. 5th Signal Company. WWII

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