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Iwo Jima Sand

Sgt Grit,

Thanks so much for the little piece of real estate so many gave their lives securing. That little bag is pinned to the photo of the Rosenthal picture in my office. I now have a conflict. After reading the letters of some of the 399 other recipients, I feel unworthy of owning this little bit of sacred soil. I served from 84 to 97 and was in three hot spots during my career. None of which compares to the fight for Iwo Jima. I am the Commandant of the Lehigh Valley Det in Allentown, PA. I?ve gone through the roster of members and none served on IWO. So my dilemma is whom to do I present this artifact too? The letter that struck me was of the Marine who will spread some on the grave of his uncle. What a fitting tribute. I feel lucky to be one of the 400 and am grateful. I hope to find a deserving Marine in the future. Thanks again and Semper Fi!

Howard Cooper
Commandant Lehigh Valley Detachment #296
Department of PA, Marine Corps League

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