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Jack Slade's T-shirts

Jack Slade’s T-shirts

Jack Slade's Insanity shirt Burma Freedom fighter in Memorial Shirt - Back Burma Freedom fighter in Memorial Shirt - Front

During a recent trip to a war zone in Burma to preform an asessment for a private contracting company Jack Slade took these photos. I was asked to forward them to you for your news letter.

Jack gave a shirt that he bought from your company to one of the KNLA rebel fighters. Jack was very impressed by this freedom fighter. Jack asked if he had ever used the handcuffs on his web gear and he said ” yes, every time I man the .50 cal machine gun” Jack was a little confused and asked what he meant. The freedom fighter told Jack that he handcuffs himself to the .50 cal machine gun so that he is not temped to run away if his base camp is being over run by the DKBA or SPDC (bad guys). This so impressed Jack that he gave him this t-shirt. Jack bought this t-shirt from SGT grit in rememberance of his best friend and machine gunner Chris Reger, may he rest in peace. This shirt has been worn on many missions and even The Las Vegas marathon that he ran with 61lbs of gear in a “support out troops” run. Now it goes to a tough Freedom fighter in Burma. Jack hopes it gives him the strength it gave him. The other shirt Jack sent pics of says . This was given to Jack by Chiris’s sister Vicki. She bought it from your website. Please post these photos for Jack, he is in Burma and asked me to forward them to you. He reads your newsletter all the time. Semper fi!

David Gray USMC

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