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Jarhead Pup

Jarhead Pup

Sgt Grit;

Just wanted to share a photo of my devil dog. His name is 'Jarhead', and he's earned the name. He's currently an E-3, but that's after spending at least 6 months as a boot and being busted at least three times. He comes by his monicer and behavior honestly – he's in a proud Marine Corps family: My father was a Marine before WWII (Pvt Harold Somers), my brother retired after 23 years (MSgt Mike Williams), I did my 4 years, my son served his 4 (LCpl Peter Williams – part with the first outbreak of hostilities in Iraq with the 2/10), and my daughter was a Corpsman (HM3 Mallory Williams). We bleed crimsom and gold. Love your newsletter and eagerly await every issue. Let's see some other "Devil-Pets" and/or mascots – would also like to see some Marine Corps motorcycles.

"Thanks" to my Brother and Sisters who went through all the sh*t I didn't have to. Special rememberance to those who paid the ultimate price.

As the old toast kinda' goes (and I always use whenever two or more Marines are gathered); To those Marines that are here with us, to those Marines who could not be with us, and to those Marines who are no longer amongst us. Semper Fi!"

Semper Fi!

-Sgt. Ken Williams
Jan 1975- Jan 1979
Savage, MN

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