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There were two old Marines sitting on a porch in rockers and one said to the other, “what would you rather have, Parkinson’s with a little shake, or Alzheimer’s with a little memory loss?” He thought a while and said, Parkinson’s! “Why”, the other Marine asked? “Because, I would rather spill a little fine sipping whiskey than, forget where I put the bottle!”

God Bless the Old Marines!

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Todd - June 10, 2020


Jim Davenport Sgt, USMC, 1st Mar. Div., 1974-78 - June 10, 2020

Like all of us, I’m extremely proud to be a Marine. The police academies I’ve been to couldn’t come close in comparison to P.I. As one of the numerous founders of the National Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, I urge you all to go. I’ll always remember 3 things about Parris Island: Once, while climbing a rope, I got to within 2 ‘ of the top was exhausted and came back down, I cam down to the point of a D.I. pressing a bayonet against my butt, telling me to go back up all the way to the top, which I did! Second, was the overzealous D.I. who, while we were at port arms, slammed the flash suppressor of my rifle into my face causing a deep, very bloody gash, My Senior D.I. asked me later how I got it, I told him I didn’t know and never got stitches, etc.obviously, wanting no investigation. I think that’s why he put me in the honor guard at graduation. Third, and among the worst was (after somehow pissing off the D.I.’s) was us having to open our footlockers, stick our heads on the edge while kneeling and they flipped the lids on our necks and ran up and down the footlockers! No, driven by Parris Island, but never been back! Semper Fi!

Roger Ware - June 10, 2020

There it is

Sid Crews - June 10, 2020

You got that right Semper Fi my friend and Happy New Year. I think.

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