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July 4th idea

July 4th idea

Sgt Grit
MY son, Brian is stationed in Afghanastan and is setting up the new base there. He has asked for us to send chewing tabacco because the kind he likes is hard to come by. His uncle was kind enough to buy the chew and since it’s so cloce to the 4th of july I thought I would wrap the rolls up for him to make him feel a little bit more at home. Attached is a photo of my fire crackers. I call them Polish fire crackers (no offence to anyone Polish it’s a local expression). I thought maybe someone else would like a new idea to cheer up the troops, anything round will work. Maybe you could pass this on for me and also mention that I have found vaccume sealing cookies and brownies (which I heard they use in porker games sometimes) helps keep them fresher.

Sue Behselich
Pittsville , WI

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