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Just Passing the Time


Don’t worry about me, for all is just fine
Getting so short, now just passing the time.
It has been so long, soon it will be so short
Through it all you have been a true sport.
It was easy , by no means for you,
Like me many times, you have been so blue.
A bed of roses, the home-front is not
You’ve had many problems and I have not forgot.
The waiting was harder for you back at home.
With each knok on the door, each ring on the phone.
A strange voice, is that what you’d hear?
Would it bring you joy, would it bring you tears?
So very much different ,not at all like before.
You worried, you waited, you didn’t know the real score.
To God above, I know that you prayed
and your love for me never swayed.
Your prayers almost answered, soon nolonger we’ll pine
I’m coming home soon, am just passing the time.

Sgt William Pratt U.S.M.C.1956-1667
This I found in the stars and strips 1963 or 1965 in Nam.

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