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Just What I Needed

I don’t remember any sewage field but I do remember in October 1961, my time in Motivation Platoon or (Fat Boys Platoon). I remember a not quite starvation diet and lot of PT. I remember a lot of sand in every orifice I had. I remember a group of DI’s who constantly reminded me why I was there. I remember that if I didn’t get squared away and back to training, that the Russians would attack the US and start raping my mother and sisters and kill everybody else. I remember that I couldn’t decide who I hated more, the Russians or the DI’s. I remember In Vietnam that those same DIs made it possible for me to survive 2 tours and eventually be promoted to Sgt. of Marines. That is something I have never more proud of.
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Sgt. Hougher - April 6, 2020

Congratulations for making it through all the “motivation”. I was in Diego June69. The first couple of days in boot camp I kept looking around at some of the really out of shape Privates. I kept wondering how these guys ever got into the Corps. What were they thinking? All the “fat bodies” disappeared into the Motivation Platoon. I felt compassion for them until I saw the poor mothers in Corrective Custody” go by.

We all hated our DIs, but we will never forget their names. If we only learned one thing of value from them it was the value of perseverance.

Rob Rasmussen E6/O3 - April 6, 2020

The job of a United States Marine Corps Drill Instructor has got to be the toughest job any man or woman can undertake. Their leadership, instruction and “hard azz” attitude is what helps a Marine Boot to develop what he or she will need to succeed in the Corps and survive any ordeal they may face in their Marine Corps career. Once you graduate from MCRD and finally understand the gifts a Drill Instructor provides his troops , it is almost impossible to let those men and women know how grateful you are for what you were given and what you were able to earn.
I was in 3rd Bn, Plt 328 from 12/66 to 3/67. The SrDI was SSgt C.J. Dobies who was supported by ADI’s SSgt R.W. Bradley, SSGT W.R. Butler, Sgt G.B. Holley and Sgt E.G. Neidhert. They were outstanding DI’s. I was fortunate enough to run into then GySgt Gene Holley when I was a 2nd Lt at NAS Pensacola Fl.
Thanks to all of you for your dedication and the knowledge you passed on to all of us. SEMPER FI!

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