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Justified Use of the A-bomb Admin |

Sorry We Won The War?

(Reprinted with permission of Military magazine, 2122 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818. A sample copy of Military may be obtained by writing to the above address)

The apologists, revisionists and the “America is always wrong” crowd have been busy as hell this summer. It’s hard to pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV without being told -America was wrong and inhumane for using the A-Bomb on Japan. . . not just by the Japanese, who have yet to even admit they started the war, or did anything wrong. . . but by the bleeding hearts those elitist media snobs have decided are the spokesmen for our conscience.

Sacramento’s former mayor, an anti-military do-gooder, used to whine every August about how evil America was. She even made a pilgrimage to Hiroshima 10 years ago, at taxpayer expense I’m sure, to tell the Japanese she was sorry we won the war. Last week I saw her, looking like a shriveled up old toad, alongside a young doctor on the front page of the local newspaper standing in front of a photo of the Nagasaki mushroom cloud. . . in defiance of our victory. . . so characteristic of those who have never crawled amid the dead and the dying on a raging battlefield. . . with little or no regard for what would have been the cost of the alternative. . . thousands of American bodies piled up on the beaches of Japan’s islands. I doubt that the doctor was even born in 1945, so he never had to climb down a cargo net and into a landing craft to face the killing fire that would have raked those beaches. . . it would have been some other guy. . . it always is with that type.

This simpering pair of sob-sisters are typical of the idiots who buy that drivel about there not being a threat out there any longer and we should dump our Nukes into the ocean. . . providing we can do it in an environmentally safe way of course. Those peaceniks who believe if we disarm and light enough candles for peace, the murderous leaders in Iran, North Korea, China and yes, Moscow, will see the error of their ways and “beat their ICBMs into plowshares.” Then we can all hold hands and dance around the May Pole together, tossing flowers in the air.

If they feel so bad about us using the A-Bomb on Japan, let them go there and clean shit-houses for the survivors for the month of August to help them with their guilt. The Japanese scientist in charge of their Atomic project is on record saying they would have used the bomb if they had gotten it first. And that brings me to the lie the revisionists of history are getting away with. They say Japan was defeated, ready to give up and we should have just waited a little longer. . . overlooking how the Japanese Army fought to the death on Okinawa. . . or they say we could have just negotiated an end to the war. Even after the first bomb, the fanatic samurai element of their military War Cabinet refused the terms of the surrender.

If you recall, we did negotiate in Korea and with Iraq and the results have been far less than satisfactory.

Allied force casualty estimates from Operation Olympic, our plan to invade the Japanese islands, were between 250,000 and one million, with U.S. forces suffering by far the most. Those figures are staggering in terms of the pain and misery for the men who would pay the price. . . not to mention their families at home. The revisionists say the numbers are exaggerated, yet the army Quartermaster Depot did requisition 370,000 Purple Hearts for the first landing on the island of Kyushu. To help our naive former mayor comprehend the enormity of such a casualty figure, that’s enough Purple Hearts for every man, woman and child in the city of Sacramento today. How anyone could justify not using the bomb is hard to understand. Ask a guy who had been eating K-rations out there in the Pacific for three years taking one island after another if we should have used the bomb. . . not some tightassed pacifist. Today the media shows film of harmless-looking, bandy-legged, old Japanese men, grinning with a few of their teeth missing and they expect you to forget that 50 years ago, as soldiers of the Emperor, these guys were beheading U.S. POWs for spirit. The atrocities they committed throughout Asia are well documented, yet still denied by their government. So I don’t mind saying, there was some well-deserved payback involved in dropping the bomb. Hell most of them got a decent burial at sea as those mushroom clouds drifted out over the ocean and the fallout rained down.

So as this 50th anniversary of our “Victory over Japan” passes, what’s next? The rewriting of the history of the Korean and Vietnam wars of course.

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