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K Co. 3/7 1st Mar Div Nov 1968

I was on hill 55 on Thanksgiving day with my plt. standing by to fly out on a Sparel Hawk! My Bn 3/7 was on hill 37 and the 7th Marines HQ was on hill 55.

We had our dinner on Hill 55 and it was great! I still have the program cover after all these 47 years.

Robert McLeod 

Sgt Maj USMC Ret

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Mike Davis - July 15, 2020

I was on Hill 55 on Thanksgiving in 1968 with 3/11

Amtracker - July 15, 2020

I was on Hill 55 Nov 1969. We didn’t get any turkey, we got hit that night. Spooky paid them a visit.

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