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The Ka-Bar (1219C2 MK-II Knife, Fighting and Utility) was designed and first issued during the early portion of WWII. The MK-II was manufactured by several cutlery companies which in addition to Ka-Bar (Union Cutlery Co.) included Camillus Cutlery, Pal Cutlery and Case to name a few. Regardless of the brand name, they became consistently referred to as the "Ka-Bar" (similar to Kleenex).

Camillus continued to make 1219C2s under government contract long after WWII ended, certainly up through the 1960s, while production of the famous Ka-Bar ceased with the end of WWII and wasn't revived (for the civilian market only) until 1975-76.

It was my experience (I was not a Grunt) that in the units I served with, "Ka-Bars" were generally issued only to Sergeants and above. Those who served with other units may have had a different experience regarding the issue of "Ka-Bars".

The 1219C2 "Ka-Bar" in the attached picture was made by Camillus.

Cpl. Jerry D.
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