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KheSanh Air Support

While stationed at KheSanh during the siege , We were not able to get much air support mostly because of enemy fire or cloudy weather. The C-130s tried to land they were called mortor magnets and would slow down and incoming Marines aboard would shove the supplies out and jump out and run for the nearest fox hole while the planes would hit full throttle and take off. The B52s would fly over us from Okinowa, you couldn’t see them but you could feel the ground shake when the bombs landed. The one thing I’ll never forget is that on one clear day the jets were flying close to us and bombing the hell out of the ,Nva’s , then one of the jets flew down low over the air field and tipped his right wing to us which we took as a salute. When we finally left KheSanh by convoy you could see the craters that the B52s left and some of them you could see some dead gooks laying in them.
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Kelly Toller Cpl 67-71 - May 4, 2020

That was a sight to see. Here the poofs then the explosion, the stuff falling out the back and those C-130 hauling tail getting out of there. You just had to be there in person…..

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