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Latest, greatest and last Project from the Parent Group for 1/3

Latest, greatest and last Project from the Parent Group for 1/3

Just thought I would pass this site along ( to show the progress the Parent Group of 1/3 has accomplished on our most recent project in support of our Fallen Marines and their Families. The Comfort Quilts for our Fallen Marines will be presented to their families, then the quilts for our wounded will be started. Its quite amazing what can be accomplished when everyone works together. A large number of The Parent Group will also be arriving and may be able to present them to some of the families that will be returning in early May.
Besides our most recent project, the Parent Group made and stuffed approximately 1500 cool ties for the hot climate the troops were enduring. They then provided 7000 warmers when the climate changed. Christmas time brought 1500 plus stockings stuffed with goodies. Many schools, boy scout troops and individuals wrote letters to boost their morale and make them smile. Our largest project was Project Camelbak. At the time our Marines were deployed they were issued camelbaks. Shortly after their deployment, Camelbak Corporation’s technology evolved and the Camelbak was made to be biological and chemically resistant. Through the amazing efforts of the Parent Group and all of America, we were able to purchase Camelbaks for every Marine and Sailor in and/or attached to the BLT 1/3.
Through the generosity of Camelbak and their professional staff we were abe to accomplish this. Without their gung-ho attitude and willingness to work with us on different issues, this project would never have been possible. To them — the Parent Group is forever grateful.

Special thanks to Brad, only the Lord knows how many were saved.

We were also able to elevate a very important issue to the Commandant’s Office where it was rectified in less than 24 hours and a Fellow Marine was able to attend his best friend’s funeral who gave his life in Fallujah. His parent’s had made a plea, on CNN, for the Marine to attend their son’s funeral — it was their son’s wish. He had discussed it with his parents while he was deployed and fighting in Fallujah. At a time when their grief was insurmountable, they found themselves fighting red tape to get LCPL Howard home. Needless to say, the call came, that LCPL Howard was on his way and would be there for the funeral. He was not in a battle zone at the time. It was such a delight to encounter such a wonderful and compassionate leader when it counts. He will always be thought of with fondness.
Phone cards and care packages were abundant. We didn’t want our Marines to go without anything — and if they had one — we wanted them to have two. The Parent Group worked hard and we all kept each other sane.
I could go on and on about The Parent Group of 1/3 but I think you get the picture. They poured their hearts and souls into our numerous projects — asking nothing in return — except maybe to talk to someone who was going through the same experience. Through the ten months, tears were cried, late night phone calls were made, frustration was vented, loved ones anxiously awaited the worst and lasting friendships were formed. The Parent Group was the most positive, motivated, loving and kind group of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents and girlfriends I have ever had the honor of working with. I am so excited to meet everyone this weekend.
May the Lord grant us World Peace soon or at least tell my husband to retire.


P.S. For any of those who think any of our projects and actions were an indictment against our Commander in Chief. I can honestly tell you it was an act of love and kindness. To bring sanity to an insane situation — besides they didn’t have the technology when our Marines left.

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