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LCpl Leondard's tree

LCpl Leondard's tree

My son went to boot camp Oct. 15, 2007 / graduated 1/11/08 ~ graduated MCT 3/3/08 – graduated MOS at a FIELD MP 6/11/08 and departed 9/26/08 for the SAND till April 09. This is our 2nd year apart during all the holidays that mean so much to family along with his birthday in April. When he signed we all did and with pride and love for him and our GREAT COUNTRY I take one day at a time till he is back on American soil. I have decorated his room with 2 trees that will be up till he returns with his Christmas waiting for him. I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your newsletters, site and store. They have all helped me a GREAT deal and my husband SWEARS to people that we now have a Marine museum and that Sgt. Grit calls me when they need something that they don't have in stock. HA HA! I have filled my home and wardrobe with MANY wonderful things from your store and hope someday to be able to visit you in Oklahoma and hug the necks of those that assist me in my collecting. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

LCPL Leonard in the SAND

"Freedom is Not Free But a US MARINE will pay most of your share." ~ Ned Dolan

"The storms of life no more indicate the absence of God than clouds indicate the absence of the sun." ~John Blanchard

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