L/Cpl Out of Boot Camp

I spent the summer of 1965 in boot camp at MCRD Parris Island at the ripe old age of 17, straight out of high school. If you left PI or ITR as a Pfc you did a lot of things right. If you made L/Cpl, I certainly never heard about it. Sounds like bullshit to me. Rank was quick then for the right people but E-3 your first what, 6 months? I don’t think so. And for the 60 lbs. (or whatever) of “muscle” out of boot! Man, I thought people had to see me before they would think I was that stupid. Save it for your 50th class reunion. Maybe by then people will forget the truth and buy it. Semper Fi but save the bullshit for the boyscouts.
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  • George Goodwin

    I went in to the Corps in 1987. At the time USMC was giving people who signed a six year contract L/cpl out of boot camp and corporal in eighteen months. It screwed up the promotion rate for everyone else. It also allowed for some people who were not ready for leadership to be in charge.

  • Julian Etheridge

    In reply to Ron.
    1974-1985. You’ll see my post explaining ROTC and LCPL rank.

  • Julian Etheridge

    In reply to Harry.
    Wrong on the 80″s deal about LCpl out of boot camp. If you had 2 years ROTC and met all the criteria for graduating boot camp you would get LCPL. It required the ROTC certificate and letter from the instructor verifying such. Then it was written into your contract. I graduated in 1974 with Plt. 2078 at MCRD San Diego and received my LCPL. Harry, you can bite me!

  • Jim Holland

    In reply to Jim Grimes.
    Jim Grimes, I think what you describe was common in the Sixties. I was at PI in 1966 (3rd Bn, Plt 3020) and served as a reservist from 1966-1974. (S/Sgt) I made PFC out of ITR, (two of us made it) attended COMM school in San Diego, and was handed my L/CPL chevrons at my first reserve meeting. This was not unusual, but don’t remember anyone making L/Cpl out of boot. It was just too short back then.

  • Cpl Cruz

    I joined the “Mighty Corps” 7-7-69 MCRD San Diego, and graduated PFC. I then continued to ITR at Camp Pendleton and was promoted to L/Cpl (E-3) upon completion. I continued on to Vietnam and was promoted to Corporal (E-4) by May of 1970. Did 11 mos. in country, and was scheduled to receive my Sgt. (E-5) by December, but was medivac’d to Camp Zama, Japan Naval Hospital for major head surgery, and spent the next 4 mos. there, the was medivac’d to NAS, Corpus Christi Hospital until I received a medical discharge in May 1971. So, I too, was able to make rank quickly, and would have continued my Marine Corps career for the next 20-30 years, but the wisdom of the Naval Board in Corpus Christi decided otherwise. I never received my Sgt. stripes that I was told I was guaranteed by my CO before I got injured. I wish now I had pursued my promotion!!

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