L/CPL While Still in Boot?

I’d like to respond to the making of L/cpl. In boot camp. I went to MCRD San Diego in July of l969 also. I shot high series, and I got Pfc. You were promoted to L/cpl. while at the rifle range, when at the rifle range we weren’t even Marines yet. The rifle range was just phase 2, the half way point. After the range we were sorta promoted, we were allowed to blouse our utility’s. That was a big deal. I guess P.I. might have been tougher but did you ever stand outside after chow, and stare straight ahead and see the airport, a ride out. I don’t care if you were a holiday Marine or a P.I. graduate, we are and will always be Marines.
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  • SSgt Gary Ray 1958-1968

    In reply to Abiezer Dale Stewart.
    If memory serves, Edson’s Raiders (under Col. Edson Carlson) were trained at San Diego MCRD. The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Major General Thomas Holcomb, was of the opinion, however, that “the term ‘Marine’ is sufficient to indicate a man ready for duty at any time, and the injection of a special name, such as ‘Commando,’ would be undesirable and superfluous.”

  • Thearle J. Lacey, Jr. 1970XXX

    n reply to G Bradshaw, Cpl E-4, ’61 – ’65.
    G. Bradshaw: Summer of ’61 at PI. I was in Plt #339 Jul 7, 1961 to Sep 27, 1961. Was that where you started? If so, do you still have your grad book? I’m looking for mine so I can copy the Dress Blues photo to give my son, the last of our three generation Marine family.

  • 7th Comm Bn RR&C Co

    I went through Boot in July-Sept 1969. Plt 2013, Company F, 2nd Bn, RTR, MCRD Parris Island. My enlistment was for a 3-year hitch in a high demand MOS (at the time), 2831. I went in on the Delayed Entry Program, where I enlisted while still in high school and 17 years old. The delay was 120 days. At the time, 6 months service (combined active and inactive) was an automatic promotion to E2. When I graduated Boot, 8 people were promoted one grade. The Honor Grad (who was also the House Mouse and high qualifier on the range), the Guide, and one squad leader were promoted to LCPL. The other squad leaders made PFC and a few others got PFC by contract. It is worth noting that I was a “Terminal Lance.” I would have had to extend or re-up for Corporal.

  • MSGT T.H. Smith

    I attended Parris Island in the fall of 1973 and had a recruit who was supposed to be “guaranteed” LCPL upon completion of boot camp due to his ROTC training. This boy was so messed up that he caused the entire platoon to visit the sand spur gardens on a hourly basis. He was worse than the boy in Full Metal Jacket. After this went on for many weeks, he was given a meritorious blanket party. He slept in the rack next to mine and I never heard a thing. Truthfully, slept right through it. The next morning, he left the platoon never to return. The Assistant Drill Instructor who had duty asked if anyone knew anything about what had happened. Of course, no one spoke up. It was funny that he said, “How come nobody woke me up to help. We smiled a little on the way to morning chow.

  • MGySgt Will Pentecost, USMC, Ret

    I do have a comment. We have these things in our Corps which are called “Marine Corps Orders/Publications” and one of those is the Promotion Manual. Now I don’t claim to be a genius; however, I am smart enough to realize that if the Marine Corps offers an opportunity to excel, then by all means TAKE IT! I too was promoted to LCpl meritoriously out of boot camp; 21 Jun 76, HCo, 3RTBn, MCRD, PISC. I was constantly harassed on being what was called back then a water walker. Well, I said, if you are that stupid to not take advantage of what is offered, then it’s your loss, and there is nothing in that Marine Corps Order about being a certain MOS, age, race or anything else. It does however require to apply yourself as it’s not just handed out. And may I add, EVERYONE has the opportunity to apply themselves. Now, in conclusion, I served 25 years active duty. In that was two tours as a DI, SDI, Series GySgt and Company Chief Drill Instructor among all the other duty stations we as Marines serve. I also might add that I was Meritoriously promoted to Cpl, Sgt, and GySgt. and deep selected as a SSgt. So for you Marines that want to make something of yourself, GO FOR IT and don’t listen to those that sit on their hind quarters.

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