Leftie vs Rightie

Leftie vs Rightie

As I was sitting here having my first cup of coffee in my new “This is what an old salty Marine looks like” mug, I realized that Sgt Grit has to be a leftie !!!! Since I already know that I am a salty old Marine, I wanted to share this fact with others but because I am a rightie, I am unfortunately the only one who gets to read it on my mug (coffee mug that is) while I drink my coffee. I believe it is estimated that only approximately 10% of the world population is left handed. what does everybody else think? Leftie or rightie?
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  • Mario Salgado

    You salute with your right hand, but there are ejector plates that will allow a leftie to shoot left handed. I chose to shoot my M16A1 right handed, but have always fired my sidearm with my left hand. Sgt. M Salgado USMC 1980 – 86.

  • Vic Eizenga

    Old rules 1964 -1968 you drink with your left hand so you can salute or use your weapon with your right. It was a standing joke to walk to some one who was drinking coffee and ask them the time. Sometimes they would pour the coffee down the front of their uniform. I started wearing my watch on my right hand.

  • David L Mushrush

    I can use either hand to drink my coffee but being a leftie and forced to shoot my rifle righthanded in boot camp with a patch over my dominate eye was a real challenge. After it was worse yet was having the brass cross my face when shooting a specific target.

  • Harry

    Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t everyone taught to use the rifle and salute right-handed? Harry

  • James Coffman

    Hey Numbnutz- doughnut or carry weapon goes in the right hand. Sgt D. Rooney understands

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