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Letter for the Column

Dear Sgt. Grit, I have been reading your newsletter for a while now and this is the first time to write. I have the metal poster on your wall” Pride in America” Ask a Marine!. Anyway, I attached some pics of the two birds from the two different squadrons I was in. VMA{aw}224-The “BENGALS” and VMAQ-2. “The PLAYBOYS”. hope people like them. also there are a couple of other pics of Marine Corps stuff you might like. I am saddened by the fact that so many people are not quite getting the picture as it comes to things like the Eagle,Globe and Anchor. and why new media dosn’t cover the IMPORTANT stories that are happening around the world. My mother ,GOD rest her soul,was at my graduation in 1974 and the first thing I did was to give her one of my collar devices as she had put her time in TOO! I would dare anyone to say she didn’t have a right to wear it! And as to people who dont understand about OUR Corps, well thats just too bad. I would proudly serve again,but the recruiter said” thank you sir, you are just a little too old for us right now. I buried my father in law four years ago in January.He was a Korean war Marine. My brother was murdered in 2001. He was a Marine from 1964 to 1966. Then joined the 101st Airborne and did two tours in vietnam,67-68, 69-70. My father,who I lost when I was five years old was a 30 year man in the Army. retired Master Sgt. All of my uncles were WWII veterans. My Uncle Sal had the silver star and 6 other medals for heroism and gallantry. So you see,I come from a long line of PATRIOTS! hell, all my friends were either Army,Air Force,Navy or Marines. WE ALL BLEED RED! WE ALL LOVE OUR COUNTRY! SOME HAVE DIED DOING THIS FOR OUR COUNTRY! People just don’t understand what it takes to be a patriot. I feel sorry for them. I have went on long enough. I just want to say to ALL the Men and Women who have put a uniform on for this Country of OURS, THANK YOU for your service! And to all my Brothers and Sisters fighting RIGHT NOW! Keep up the good work! there are a lot and I mean A LOT of people whose prayers you all are in, every DAY! SEMPER FI! Sargeant Grit.

Respectfully, Robert A. Lynch-L/Cpl73-76

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