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Letter from KB in Chicago

Letter from KB in Chicago

Greetings from one of a 5 children who is very proud of our dad and the many Marines that have come before him and after. Many years ago a young man talked his very best friend into joining the Marine corp. The United States was in at war with North Korea. Although many say it wasn’t one; just a little old police action. His friends mother had wanted him to be a priest and Eddie had other ideas one was the Air Force. My dad convinced him the Corp was the right choice. They left and each went to different boot camps and then onto different outfits. But they kept in touch each describing what they experienced through out their training. Eddie was sent over seas first. He was CPL Edward Trautwein 7th Mar Reg. F Co 2 BN He ended on a place called Out-Post Vegas , where he died along with many others defending one of many hills in Korea 03-28-’53. He was a radio operator.

My dad over the last few years has started to talk to us kids about this and his time over in Korea. He just carries this guilt around with him. Although he has found some peace through talking it out with our minister. There is a part of him that wonders what happened that day. He wishes he could talk to someone anyone who might recall that day.

I don’t know if there is anyone who might remember or want to share. I respect that because I have a son who came back from Iraq after serving 18 months. He doesn’t talk to me or his step-dad to much about his time over there. He gives us vague information and we won’t push. If ever he wants he knows he can share with me. I know though that he talks to my dad sometimes but stops when someone comes near.

So Sgt Grit if any of your readers can help a man who I respect and love dearly I would greatly appreciate it. It would mean the world to him too.

K G Smith

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