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After reading some of the stories about letters boots received in boot camp it brought back some memories for me, the dad of my best friend had a sick since of humor, the first time he sent me a letter, on the back he put please DI have TONY do 10 extra push ups before he gets to watch TV tonight. On another he put Sarg, make sure Tony gets his exercise today. On a few others he had written things that actually gave my drill instructor a chuckle but not me as you can guess I did a fair amount of extra push ups during mail call, I think after the first two letters the DI's looked for a letter to me first just so I could do push ups the whole time mail call was going on. I also had an uncle who earned me some extra push ups because he put his rank on the letters he sent (CAPT, USN) and I was accused of having political influence. I look back and laugh now at all the games and the imagination DI's have. My friends dad always put a $20.00 in his letters but that did not stop me from getting back at him in the years that followed. He was even with my mom and girlfriend at the airport when I went home on boot leave, the first thing he did was touch my brass, I told him to keep his d-ck strokers to himself and not to finger f-ck my brass, he laughed his azz off. 

Semper Fi

T French

78-93 0811/8531

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