Liberty Call in "OLD" San Juan.....

Liberty Call in

So anyway, still on that float in the Caribbean in 1969 with Fox Company 2/2, we were on Liberty in San Juan, P.R. Well actually, most of us were in “old” San Juan enjoying life and liberty call. For those of you who didn’t get to make this float allow me to summarize what Old San Juan was like. My brother served in the Navy when I was in the Marines, we never talked about Old San Juan while home on leave. We just looked at each other and smiled until we looked foolish. Ok. Back to the story. Cpl. McDonald and I were standing at the bar spending our last dollar before having to return to the ship(aka the boat) USS Guadalcanal.

This gentleman approached us and ask if he might speak to us for a moment. He explained that there was a young lady upstairs who would choose one of us and the loser would get him. Will isn’t that speical! We looked at each other and smiled and told the gentleman to move on. I was pretty sure I would have won that contest and like I have often said— It’s a sad dog that won’t wig it’s own tail. But I just couldn’t stand putting my friend Cpl McDonald through that experience of being with this person and who knows what this “young lady” was really like—I mean—we still had our pride even without money.

Some odd things have come my way when I was on active duty in the Marines. I recall being on R&R in Japan in 1970, we were due to head back to V.N. and was trying not to leave anything behind. So, someone offered me a drink (which turned out to be 151 proof Rum), the next time I was aware of my surrounding; this little lady was walking up and down my back and I was laughing my fool head off. I have never again drunk rum. I can’t say I have never been walked but not volunteer.

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