Lights, Camera, Action: Camp Pendleton's History in the Movies

With its vast training areas and prime location along California’s shorelines, Camp Pendleton is well known for producing the finest fighting forces on the West Coast. What Camp Pendleton might be less known for, however, is that it has been a backdrop to some of America’s most famous films. Throughout Camp Pendleton’s history, multiple movie producers have utilized its training grounds over Hollywood sets to recreate authentic war scenes of our Country’s most famous battles.

“[Working with the entertainment industry] gives us an opportunity to showcase assets and capabilities that are available to production companies,” said U.S. Marine Corps Master Sgt. Katesha Washington, Entertainment Media Liaison Office (EMLO). “It allows us also to accomplish our mission of telling the story of Marines.”

Camp Pendleton has an ongoing story to tell that continues each day. Since the base opened, over 20 films have been produced including “Sands of Iwo Jima,” starring, John Wayne. During the filming which also cast 2,000 Marines, producers transformed the installation to resemble the Japanese island also using elements to resemble the volcanic ash from Mt. Suribachi. Additional familiar titles include TNT’s television series, “The Last Ship,” and Columbia Media Corporation’s, “Battle Los Angeles.”

With access to starstruck active-duty Marines and their familiar training grounds, producers are able to create authentic scenes without a need to hire actors or build sets in some cases. But the Marine Corps does not merely reduce production costs without some benefit. In giving Marines opportunities to share the limelight with some of their favorite characters, the Marine Corps legacy is captured by telling its stories and reaching an audience, they might not typically reach.

For over a century, the Marine Corps has helped producers, writers and directors coordinate personnel, aircraft and equipment. “There are several steps leading up to filming a production,” said U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Matthew Hilton, also with the EMLO. “We figure out how and if we can or cannot support.”

There have been countless stories told and countless stories yet to be told when it comes to Camp Pendleton’s rich history and tradition. Watching the actions of its Marines and Sailors come to life on the big screen, both fictionally and non-fictionally only serves to preserve the Marine Corps heritage and real-life activities. And remember, the next time you watch your favorite action film, it just might have been filmed on the one and only Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

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  • Robert Penkwitz

    Going thru I T R in August at Camp Pendleton equals going thru Boot Camp at P I Experienced both – MCRD San Diego 1951 – MCRD Parris Island – 1953-54 – Try snuggling up to a big hairy spider or rattlesnake at Camp Pendleton – Sure beats the little Sand Fleas I Remember seeing the “snow covered mountains “along Vandergrift Blvd during the filming of “Retreat Hell’
    Never got into the movies as an extra – – – Damn – missed my big screen break.

  • jonathan muhl

    heartbreak ridge filmed in telega in front of our hooch b co 2nd plt 77 78 saw on screen 64364 on bldg

  • philip mchugh

    Hollywood Marines 🙂

  • Ken Mathis 1959-1963

    That was “Halls of Montezuma”. With Richard Widmark. I had forgotten that one. I just did a search on Yahoo and looked at Photos of movies. What trip down memory lane!!

  • jim angelo

    I can remember the movie “Battle Cry” with Van Heflin and James Whitmore. I’m not sure if it was before or after, didn’t Van Heflin have a role in “Shane” ? I surmise Joe McCarthy (Sen.) did his job well as Van Heflin was one of “Tail Gunner Joe’s” targets in his pursuit of communism. The movie, Battle Cry, was that about Saipan ? Also, (I can’t remember the name ,, another WWll movie with Richard Boone and Jack Webb. It was about Japanese use of rockets.

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