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Lil Will

Lil Will

Hello Sgt Grit,

I am a proud Marine Brat and mother of a "Future Grunt". My son (William Price- aka "lil Will") is the son of Gunnery Sgt. William Price and grandson of Col. John Gautreaux (ret). My son was born on November 10th 2006- & could not have made his dad and granddad prouder to have him born on the Marine Corp birthday! He will share this day with pride with the men & women of the Marine Corp. This is a recent pictures of "lil Will" wearing his Sgt. grit "future Grunt" attire, cheering on the silent drill platoon as they performed at the Sea & Sky Spectacular in Jacksonville, Fl.

Marine brat & Marine brat mom,

Michelle Gautreaux Young RD, LD/N, CLC

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