Lineage of the USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor

Lineage of the USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor

Notably one of the most worldwide recognized emblems is the U.S.M.C. Eagle, Globe, and Anchor or EGA. Note: Eagle, Globe and Anchor as used herein are abbreviated as EGA for article space only. This is not meant as a demeaning abbreviation.

Continental Marines wore various uniforms during the American Revolution (1775-1783), without much standardization. Ships’ captains or Marine officers in command provided uniforms for enlisted men. One of the most famous pictures of the Revolutionary War was painted by Charles Waterhouse. It depicts American Marines wearing red uniforms, almost identical to those worn by British Royal Marines. Other common depictions of Continental Marines show them wearing a green swallow-tailed coat with white trousers. There were no insignia on these uniforms.

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  • ‘Stoney’ Brook

    Everything we needed to know about Life, we learned in the Marine Corps:

    The easy way is always mined
    You can’t hurt ’em if you don’t hit ’em
    Shoot them in the left eye, watch the expression change in the right eye; fight’s over
    The only thing more bad-ass than a Marine is a Marine Fire Team
    Two up, one back, take the high ground
    BRASS: Breathe, relax, aim, slack, squeeze
    Never, ever, piss off the First Sergeant or the Gunny

  • Al

    The symbol says it all with pride every Marine carries, brotherhood that walks right along with, the sence of being part of something great.

    Semper Fi

  • Le Modele Francais

    “We ain’t just good lookin’ – we’ll kick your ass too!”
    Says it all!
    Ohh-rah – Semper Fi

  • Kapena

    There’s a humble quiet pride every marine carries with them. Meet another Marine by chance anywhere and there’s an instant connection. You feel like he’s your actual brother! No other service can relate. Unless they were in combat together. Marines are very leery of people claiming to be Marins. I ran into a Vietnam veteran at Wal-Mart. We were both wearing Marine veteran covers. I said “Semper Fi” Marine, he replied “Semper Fi”. Then looked at me suspiciously and asked are you a Marine? I answered yes! Then he pointed to the US NAVY lanyard around my neck. I said ” Heyy my son is in the Navy deployed overseas!” Sorry man! He then said ok, you had me going there for a second! Some things never change!

  • Daniel Covert

    Everything all of you are saying is true for the simple reason , the title of United States Marine is earned never given.
    Stay strong Semper Fi.

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