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Little Grunt

Little Grunt

My son Oliver recently received a "dress blues" outfit from Sgt Grit. I must admit, I think he is the cutest little Marine I have ever seen! Thankfully I have a few years before I have to see him off to boot camp if he decides to follow in his grandfather and great-grandfather's foot steps. Oliver's grandfather, Paul Lucien Cote served in the 1980's and was stationed in Okinawa. Oliver's great-grandfather, Paul Louis Cote served in the 6th Marine Division during WWII. I am very proud of my Marines. Semper Fi!

My father has been a faithful reader of your newsletter for many years. I thought he would love to see his grandson in the newsletter too!

God Bless,
​April-Lynn Cote Killoran​

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Dress Blues Baby 2 Piece Set

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