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Liver Burgers

I was stationed with MACS-3 in 1956 at an isolated radar base on the east coast of Korea. In the chow line one day a Marine ahead of me asked the Mess Sgt. “What’s for dinner?” The mess Sgt replied “Owl sh-t” The Marine replied “Oh I thought it might be something we couldn’t eat.”

In 1958 I was stationed with MACS-8 at OpaLaka (Miami, FL). The chow was usually OK except when we had a siege of old C-rations. One day we had liver, which few fellow Marines ate. The next day burgers were on the menu which we all thought would be great! Except the liver left over from the day before was ground into liver burgers. Ugh!

E.K. Pennington, Sgt. 1530714

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Fred Unsworth, SSgt, 1970 – 1978, 7312/7322 - April 27, 2020

The first time I walked in to the all ranks mess at Kwang Ju, Korea (USAF/ROKAF) I thought I had walked into a fine restaurant. In my short eight years in the Corps I got to experience everything but being shot at. Loved the southern fried rabbit, hated some of the C-rats, didn’t mind eating at a field kitchen, and absolutely loved eating in the Sergeants Mess at RAAF Amberly in Australia. The best Navy chow I had was at NAS Glynco in Brunswick, GA. Why is it that we can remember the food so well?

Dave Connly - April 27, 2020

I was at the RR at Parris Island in October 1956. I had screwed up during the day and the D I, Corporal Burke told me to report to him after chow. I did! He told me to go and get a needle from my sewing kit. I did. He said Connly,do you see that screen door? Sir! Yessir! Count he holes in it using your needle! Don’t try counting down and then across and multiplying! (As if) I know how many holes there are! After 5 minutes he said Conny! What’s the count? Sir! 184 Sir! He kicked the door! What’s the count?! I lost my place! This went on for about an hour! Count! Kick the door! The whole Platoon was laughing their ass off except for the guy who was scrubbing toilets with his toothbrush! How can I remember this and I can’t find my car in the Walmart parking lot?! Burke by the way was a helluva nice guy! A good D I and a good Marine!

Donald L Cook - April 27, 2020

chicken fried in bacon grease, Camp Talega 56. sf

Gunny B - April 27, 2020

one thing that I never got used to was “CHILI MAC”. It looked like what we called goulash in Wisconsin, but it had chili powder in. It was terrible, and they fooled me every time!

Bob - April 27, 2020

I was at Camp Schwab in 1966 and ate at the first chow hall on the right past the main gate. They had really good chow as I remember. The worst chow hall that I ate in was at Camp Geiger when in ITR. Luckily we had peanut butter and jelly. I pulled a week on night mess duty there before our platoon formed and I couldn’t even find any good food anywhere in the building.

Steven Haygood - April 27, 2020

I was with Mike 3/5 in ‘Nam in 1967. I can’t remember which operation I was on, but we were in the mountains, west of Que Son, near Laotian border. Weather was bad and we were looking DOWN on the clouds!..Normal, every three-day supply ‘choppers’ with C-rats , ammo, supplies and SPs/Sundry Packs were socked in for five days. We lived off of the dried rice, tortilla-like, wafer-like, “bread” that we found in abandoned villes. We also ate wild, sweet, “finger bananas”, and the bitter-sweet, pineapple-like fruit we called “pineapple” that grew above ground, on a plant sililar in appearance to a Meguay’ Cactus, and on a stem, upside down, and the size of one’s fist before skinning. Couple of times we made “Mulligan Stew” by choice and a couple of times ny necessity.

Cpl Bob Korean - April 27, 2020

Going thru boot camp MCRD SAN in 1950, the guys at the table were complaining about the size of the fried chicken….must have been a scrawny one they complained. Some of the country boys popped up, and said that’s rabbit, not chicken. Several of the boots wouldn’t eat any more. YUK! It really wasn’t too bad.

artymgysgt - April 27, 2020

In 1967 I was on Hill 55 about 15 miles SW of Danang and we had all sorts of folks coming by for lunch at the 7th Marines messhall for some reason we were getting all sorts of lobster items and they were great! On the other hand in Okinawa in the 70’s a friend was always talking about “Red Death” in the chow hall today. Some of the guys asked what that was and I told them it was Corned Beef.

Ed Swilling - April 27, 2020

Arthur, I was also stationed at NWS, Charleston 1970-71, but I don’t remember any seafood served. The chow was pretty good though. I thought MB NWS was a great duty station as I was from Chattanooga, TN.

Ed Swilling - April 27, 2020

Arthur, I was also stationed at NWS, Charleston in 1970-7,but I don’t remember any seafood. The chow was pretty good though. I thought it was a great duty station since I was from Chattanooga, TN.

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