Liver Burgers

I was stationed with MACS-3 in 1956 at an isolated radar base on the east coast of Korea. In the chow line one day a Marine ahead of me asked the Mess Sgt. “What’s for dinner?” The mess Sgt replied “Owl sh-t” The Marine replied “Oh I thought it might be something we couldn’t eat.”

In 1958 I was stationed with MACS-8 at OpaLaka (Miami, FL). The chow was usually OK except when we had a siege of old C-rations. One day we had liver, which few fellow Marines ate. The next day burgers were on the menu which we all thought would be great! Except the liver left over from the day before was ground into liver burgers. Ugh!

E.K. Pennington, Sgt. 1530714

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  • Johnny Reyes Jr. ‘58-‘64

    Memories of MCRD SD mess hall in 1958. You spot an empty table at lunch time. You sit down and reach for the metal pitcher and heft it to see if it contains Kool-Aid. Great, it feels heavy. You start to pour Kool-Aid into your cup and out tumble brussel sprouts and other varied pieces of disgusting veggies that the recruits previously at that table didn’t want to eat but couldn’t get past the “eat everything on your tray” guard at mess hall exit hatch.


    Back during Vietnam I was with task force Robbie or Mike (I can’t remember which) at Cam Lo fire base. The chow line consisted of bread, warm tuna, (not tuna salad) and warm cool aide. We went to the skipper and requested “C” rats as that would be an improvement. The chow improved slightly but we still would have preferred the C’s. That was still better than the day I arrived at Cam Lo and they sent me down to get some grub. We got incoming and the chow tent was hit while I was in line. We dove into some trenches filled with water, and mud but few guys were injured. It turned out that 1/9 was there, they lived up to their title of ” The Walking Dead.”

  • Doug

    When at PI our platoon pulled mess duty at the rifle range. I remember opening 4 gallon cans of various veggies. The date on the cans was 1944. This was in early 1972. We all laughed as the chow we we’re eating went into the cans before we we’re born. I laugh at the expiration dates in grocery stores to this day!

  • Dan Pritchard

    Thats Gore Met compared to camp Schwab in Oki-Shit Hole-nawa …I dont even KNOW what that krap WAS…..

  • Arthur Leonardo

    In the mid 60’s I was stationed at the Marine Barracks Charleston Naval Base. Our mess Sht took advantage of our location and regularly bought local seafood . On many occasions we had numerous naval officers from the adjacent naval hospital show up to buy lunch.

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