Liver Burgers

I was stationed with MACS-3 in 1956 at an isolated radar base on the east coast of Korea. In the chow line one day a Marine ahead of me asked the Mess Sgt. “What’s for dinner?” The mess Sgt replied “Owl sh-t” The Marine replied “Oh I thought it might be something we couldn’t eat.”

In 1958 I was stationed with MACS-8 at OpaLaka (Miami, FL). The chow was usually OK except when we had a siege of old C-rations. One day we had liver, which few fellow Marines ate. The next day burgers were on the menu which we all thought would be great! Except the liver left over from the day before was ground into liver burgers. Ugh!

E.K. Pennington, Sgt. 1530714

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  • Harry

    I just remembered where I had the “Spaghetti Soup” It was the mess hall at the Highland Drive VA in Pittsburgh back in 95′ Sorry! Harry

  • Harry

    I know the “Mess” can be very creative but,that is a bit disgusting. I can remember eating spaghetti soup somewhere and breakfast hash from ingredients from yesterdays dinner. Liverburgers!? I’ll take some “HAM & MFs thank you !! Harry

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