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Lori Ivy

Lori Ivy Admin |

While in artillary stationed in ICorps I got very sick. I was med evaced to a hospital in Danang. While I was hospitalized I got a dear JOHN letter from my girl at home. There was a list at the hospital of girls who would write to service personnel in Vietnam. I began writing to Lori Ivy. When I was released from the hospital I was still weak from my illness. I was sent home. I lost Lori’s address. I never could thank her. I couldn’t tell her what her letters meant to this young Marine sick on the other side of the world. I couldn’t even tell her I was sent home. To this day I think of her and hope somehow she will know how important she was to someone she never met. Semper-Fi Lori Ivy. ??


sure sounds familiar. I was on hill 327 in1966. I got a dear john also.The difference being after I got home a year later we got back together and got married and just celebrated our 50th.

thomas mcginnis (last name was waskiewicz when I was in the marines),

J D Horn how are you friend

Dennis Gray,

Semper Fi brothers, I definitely agree with Ed Grantham, try Facebook, if you remember were she lived that would help, but it is the best shot! If she was in High school or recently graduated, you could check, if you knew where she lived! I found a girl, I met before the Navy and service with my Marine brothers in Vietnam through searches on both, I was able to pin it down. If you have her city and state, then you could plug her name in and maybe find her through a people search, not necessarily free! Thank you for your service and welcome home brother! Doc Paul 1st Eng. Battalion, 1st Mar Div , RVN 1969 HM3/USN/RET=1970!

Doc Paul,

Was Lori from Omaha Nebraska?

Kim Swanson,

Not a Dear John letter but in 1970 0r 1971 I was on my third tour in Vietnam and my wife sent my name and unit to the local newspaper and I received a free subscription to the paper and they posted my name and unit. I received several letters from strangers but the only one I responded to was from The Vietnam Veterans Against the Was. I wrote to thank them as my unit had run out of toilet paper and their mail came in handy.


Try Facebook to find Lori Ivy. It seems like everyone in the world is on Facebook.

Ed Grantham,

Your experience I think may well just be part of being in the military. Dear John letters were received by many. Not a good time or place to receive a Dear John letter but part of life. While on some small hill as part 3/9/3, approx 2 clicks N. of Camp J.J.Carroll, I also received a “Adios Sucker” letter. I survived it and am probably better off because of it. Glad you made it back, brother.

Sgt. Billy D Richardson,

I know what you mean. The Stars and Stripes Newspaper would have a list of names from every state in the U.S.. I had a very samplar experience when I was in VietNam with Golf 2/5 out of AnHoa. Thanks for the memories. Semper Fi my brother.

Robert H Bliss,

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