Lori Ivy

Lori Ivy

While in artillary stationed in ICorps I got very sick. I was med evaced to a hospital in Danang. While I was hospitalized I got a dear JOHN letter from my girl at home. There was a list at the hospital of girls who would write to service personnel in Vietnam. I began writing to Lori Ivy. When I was released from the hospital I was still weak from my illness. I was sent home. I lost Lori’s address. I never could thank her. I couldn’t tell her what her letters meant to this young Marine sick on the other side of the world. I couldn’t even tell her I was sent home. To this day I think of her and hope somehow she will know how important she was to someone she never met. Semper-Fi Lori Ivy. ??
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  • Paul

    I think Imet a Lori Ivy at a strip club in Oceanside ! No Sh*t! Paul

  • Harry 1371

    Hey Brother B.Jones. If you are still checking in I have a question for you.I recently read a poll conducted by “Pew” stated that 64% of Iraq Vets and 58% Afghan Vets say the wars were not worth the “Cost” What do you think? Also of interest the same poll found that political Right leaning Vets were 45% in favor of Iraq war and left leaning only 15% in favor Almost the same with Afghan war Right leaning were 46% in favor and left leaning were26% in favor. Any comment? Thanx Harry P.S Was there ever a poll of the Vietnam War?

  • B.Jones

    After reading your story, I felt kind of a puss. I spent 7 1/2 years in the middle East,. Told my WESTPAC widow to put her boots 0n and to kick F****** rocks, I’m not coming home. War is addicting.
    I finally returned to the land of the big BX in late 2015. I started out with the CORP./ and went private. Only leaving theater for R&R. I spent more time in a combat zone then most grunts spent in the CORP.
    Semper Fi. Brother, I hope you find your girl.

  • Sgt. Daniel J. Daly USMC 65-69

    Did you ever try going on Facebook and lookup her name. I found my old girlfriend that way. She had married and moved to Ohio. We now write back and forth as friends and enjoy our Posts.

  • Donald Wolc Jr

    Google is one way but if you remember her town and state put it in the local newspaper . Someone would know her and let her know you wanted to thank her. Good luck keep us posted how the thing goes.

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