Lori Ivy

Lori Ivy

While in artillary stationed in ICorps I got very sick. I was med evaced to a hospital in Danang. While I was hospitalized I got a dear JOHN letter from my girl at home. There was a list at the hospital of girls who would write to service personnel in Vietnam. I began writing to Lori Ivy. When I was released from the hospital I was still weak from my illness. I was sent home. I lost Lori’s address. I never could thank her. I couldn’t tell her what her letters meant to this young Marine sick on the other side of the world. I couldn’t even tell her I was sent home. To this day I think of her and hope somehow she will know how important she was to someone she never met. Semper-Fi Lori Ivy. ??
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  • Douglas Rosenow

    This may be of help to you both. As a short-timer with 5th Marines, 1970, I learned of a young lady in Redlands, California, who had organized a multi-States “Operation Uplift.” She paired up Marines with femme correspondents. Long story short, her maiden name was Mary Frances Breitenstein, every ounce an angel on earth. For a time, her married surname was Rosenow, but she reverted to Breitenstein in the mid-70’s. IF you were able to find her, my money says she’ll still know how to put you in touch with whomever you seek. Godspeed, Brothers, and Semper Fi!

  • Glenn Thomas

    I wander how many is us fall under similar circumstances. A girl wrote me while I was there too Cannot remember her name now though. Like this marine to this day I often think about her and wander how she faired unlike. Hope she met someone like I did to spend her love on My wife of 48 years would understand our wandering

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