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Lost But Not Forgotten

Lost But Not Forgotten
By Donna Hammerbacher

Memories linger in the mind,
Recalling time gone by;
Deeds of good, some of bad,
All captured with a sigh.

I see him moving as in a cloud,
Tall and confident;
His essence bright I shield my eyes,
I know not where he went.

The door bell sounds and brings me back,
I recognize the dress;
Two uniforms pristine and proud,
Brothers of the best.

They gently introduce themselves,
My eyes are filled with tears;
He died with honor for his country,
A sacrifice so dear.

He touched the face of God today,
His spirit cleansed and pure;
The angels lift him with their wings,
Feeling pain no more.

His letters now I put away,
His voice I’ll hear forever;
The time will come, my precious child,
Once more we’ll be together.

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