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Lost Mine On Hill 37

Lost Mine On Hill 37

My dad passed in 2004 and I was cleaning out his gun cabinet when I came across the Zippo lighter I had given him after returning home from boot camp and ITR in 1969. I had forgotten about it. I’m sure I bought it and one other identical one at the PX at MCRD in San Diego. He obviously never used it as it is new in the box. I had mine engraved at

Danang PX, but later lost it I think on Hill 37. While I really regret losing mine, I’m glad to have this one and a few other mementos of my time in the Corps.

Semper Fi
William Bahan
H&S 1/7
Delta 1/1
Lima 3/5

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Allen Wetzel - April 22, 2022

I had a black mat Zippo that I order from sgt grit just wanted to no if you have them anymore it was engraved.

TJ Dyer - July 11, 2020

I was with Lima 3/5, 60mm mortars Sept 68-Oct 69. Having L3/5 reunion in Scotsdale, AZ June 2016.

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