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Lost My Best Marine Corps Buddy

Lost My Best Marine Corps Buddy

Lost my best Marine Corps buddy from Pt. Arguello Marine Security Detachment days (1961).

A.G. Sadowski
CPL E4 (1958-1962)

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Benjamin E. Branson MSGT USMC retired 1968-1995 forever a Marine Mos 0311/8541 - July 13, 2020

When young men go to boot camp, they are individuals with no direction,only anticipation. They go through the biggest challenge of their young lives, dealing with their the uncertainty of being able to find the courage to face the training and if they will be able to accomplish their goal of becoming a United States Marine. Then they discover team work and how to work together to accomplish their goal. At the end of their training they all stand tall as on graduation day in formation with great pride knowing they have been transformed from a young boy with no goals to a United States Marine, and their young life is forever changed. They learn very quickly that they are all brothers and members of the best fighting organizations known to the world. They make friends for life with their brothers, a bond that will stand the time where ever they may be in life.

Sgt Robert Padgett 2nd Marine Division 1963 to 1967 - July 11, 2020

This is what the Marine Corp teaches you. You are brothers forever even after death because the Marine Corp does not die so being a Marinew you live forever. This is a great tribute to a friend and a brother Marine. We will see each other on the other side RIP Semper Fi

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