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Lou Farigno

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My son enlisted in the U. S. Army, served as an armored recon scout in the lst Gulf War. While attending Basic Training at Ft Knox, KY, he was nic named Lou Farigno, (remember that Green Giant TV serial?) He had contracted a kissing disease, I forget the name of it, while graduating senior at high school, lost some weight, and I had to design a physical fitness regimine so he could handle his forthcoming Army training. While in Basic, his DI’s were on his case to “take more chow; bring extras back to the barracks. (That was “officially” forbidden) At the PX, no one was allowed to purchase candy: he was TOLD to purshase candy and anything else edible (he weighed in at about 120 pounds, was 20 years old but looked 15). Well, anyway, the RAMBO thing brought back this funny memory of my son’s introduction to the U. S. Army. While serving in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, I will add that he thought that the Marines were “Awesome!!”



George Goodwin,

Thank Lou Farigo your son for his service. Number 1 chow hound 🙂

Joe L. Reyna,

Thought this was a Marine blog not srny


Don’t quite understand what you are trying to say here!!! But I will add THE MARINES ARE AWESOME!!!!


What an absolute joy to watch when he would “bark” orders…..all the while praising God, I wasn’t the one he was yelling at. The blessing of his presence will always stay in our memory. My husband was in the Korean War, 1st Marine Division, Communications, and he enjoyed the commercials especially…..brought back old memories. To soon gone, but not forgotten. God Speed dear soul, you will be missed. Until we meet on the other side, Ralph R. Anderson and Barbara.

barbara j anderson,

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