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Love You Forever

Tamala Young

At birth it was easy to love
You were an angel sent from above
With age came the true test
Of mothers I’d try to be the best

Curiosity would peak here and there
Sometimes i thoughtmore than i could bear
They were stagesyou had to grow
I can helpjust listen to what i know

I still loved you just the same
But with the growth, disappointment came
Disappointment not in you
But in some things you’d chose to do

Now you’ve chosen to take a stand
Step out of childhoodbecome a man
I can’t believe you’ve gone to Iraq
Counting the minutes till you get back

Don’t forget that prayer is a must
For it’s in god and not bush we trust
He’ll bring you home i have no doubt
If he takes you to it he’ll bring you out

Being there’s got to be rough
Just not being here is even tough
Whatever it is that you go through
Hang in there CoreyI love you!

I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be!


Tamala Young to Son Corey
Serving in Iraq

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