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M-1 to M-14

Boot SDiego Sep 61 Plt 272 -1985066- Cpl Petri SSgt Marez, and ole Corps SSgt then passed test 2d time GySgt Myers who always came back to Plt at 2AM (but they not suppose to do that – recruits need 8 hours duh). Walking with Jesus… Walking with Jesus Left right left right… Get out of those racks you &&&&

We had M-1’s then to 1962 March staging Bn we transported 2500 M-14’s over to Okinawa to be further transferred to Marines in Vietnam Danang… however We turned them in 3 times and got M-1s. Then the third time at formation Sukiran (12th Marines we fixed up the army’s condemned barracks we moved from Hague Quonset huts to Concrete Typhoon barracks.) I raised my hand and asked Gy Parson’s Hey what’s the deal we have turned the M-13’s in 3 x’s and got them back 3 x’s. Oh the wise college kid huh…

Well the piece on the right side was cut wrong and if u fire the d*mn weapon full auto for a long time it freezes and locks up but you have a d*mn good club… shut up and don’t ask so many questions…

Our m-1’s were put in the ocean off white beach and we got M-14’s toward the last of ’63 when we went to Vietnam aboard the terrill county when Diem was being ousted…

When I made capt and was back over to D/2/12 & E/2/12 who do I see Is GySgt Parson. When I asked him how did he succeed in staying a GySgt His lst action was Millson I thought I made u an officer… He still; had the same tooth pick he had in 63 when I last saw him. Said they never did get the M-14’s right and guess the bad M-14’s were with the good ones at 12th Marines and ninth Marines in 60-65 volunteer’s on the strip Danang

Gene M.

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Frederick Monahan - April 27, 2020

April & May 1966 at Camp Geiger ITR I would manually chamber a blank then insert the eight round clip carefully pushing down on top round while coaxing the bolt forward giving me an M-1 loaded with nine rounds. July 1966 – March 1967 in Echo Company 2/3 had M-14 with selector and bi-pods. Would manually chamber a tracer round, send bolt home then force a 20 round magazine up into receiver giving me an M-14 loaded with 21 rounds. (Note: M-14 with selector switch on auto should only be fired with bi-pods attached.) Would clean M-14 and slather moving parts with luberplate. April 1967 – July 1967 carried the XM-16E1 (mistakenly called the M-16 for 51 years) only needed three rounds in magazine because it would jam on third round and magazine had to be removed to try to extract empty shell casing from chamber. But that’s another story.

G. Bradshaw Cpl. E-4 - April 27, 2020

1941560…..MCRD, PI was July 19, 1961.

G. Bradshaw Cpl. E-4 - April 27, 2020

1941560……Went though MCRD, Parris Island and ITR with a M-1. Late in 1962 during the Cuban Crisis about 3000 Marines got aboard the USS Breckenridge. We were all issued M-14’s. It took us 18 days, including a few stops to reach Okinawa. At our next duty station we got M-1’s again. I had always thought that this was a way to get a bunch of M-14’s overseas……???? Don’t know. Semper Fi Marines.

harry bierke - April 27, 2020

nam 66-67. first series of M-16’s was an absolute atrocity. the marines in nam that had to turn in their M-14’s to be replaced by M-16’s were in shock & tears. fortunately i was a pole climber….2511 and was able to hold onto my M-14 for the duration of my service….halleluia!!

Gene DeAtley - April 27, 2020

Can’t believe these guys got the right rifle in their story. The M-14, though heavey, was a fantastic weapon. I find it hhard to believe these M-14 haters are real…

Howard Hada - April 27, 2020

1989822….graduated MCRD in 1962…I did see a few recruits on the grinder with the M14’s….My favorite was still the M1…That is a very indisructable weapon!

Mike Thompson - April 27, 2020

Only saw the M-14 in boot Camp at San Diego and qualifying at Edson Range never saw one again. Used the M-16 the rest of my two enlistments From 72-79

‘Stoney’ Brook - April 27, 2020

I was with D/2/12 at Camp Sukiran in March 1962 thru April 63. We initially had M1s, BARs and the M1919 Brownings. About May-June 62 we were issued M14s but I don’t recall requals until just before we shipped out as BLT 2/9 in Oct-Dec 62.

Ross & Kathryn - April 27, 2020

I had a Platoon in B-1-7 on hill 495. in “53” below Imgin river. Beside my “45” I always carried an M1— I could DEPEND on that weapon.

Paul Chacho Jr. SGT. E5 66to69. - April 27, 2020

I loved my M14. I now own 2 M1As. I believe it is the best overall rifle ever made. The M1 is an excellent rifle but the 30:06 round is no match for the .308. I had a full auto in Nam and it worked fine. I could not hit crap with an M16. Each to his won. Semper Fi all. Paul Chacho Jr. SGT E 5; 66to69.

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