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Made Me Smile

Made Me Smile Admin |

I was part of the Marine Detachment aboard the USS Princeton when HMM 163 came aboard in the early 1960's. As I recall, they were in WestPac with us and they never left. We got to return and HMM 163 stayed on. As part of ship's company, we were responsible for the maintenance of certain areas of the ship… our Division (OS) had the responsibility of maintaining a couple of troop compartments… one of them was the compartment that housed HMM 163… while cleaning up, I picked up the attached… not sure who wrote it, but, it made me laugh and I must have put it in my pocket… I was cleaning out my seabag (getting ready to toss all of my "junk"), when I ran across this and it still made me smile! Remember the song, "MTA"? Poor ole Charlie!

Howard Hada

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