mamma mamma can’t you see?

By: Sabrina

I remember very well the first day at boot camp, zero dark thirty meeting my new sisters. I also remember not being able to pee for hours and everyone being so mad at me and so tired. When I did pee I was up peeing all night. (not my proudest moment). After I got used to being yelled at, making my bed a certain way and showering with my hole barracks, it was ok. I even went on to Officer Candidate School after I graduated from college. The things I remember most was chow time, cleaning my gun and writing home and uniform inspection the good old days I wouldn’t change it for the world, even though I suck at lad nav. semper fi 1st Lt Waller

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  • Kevin Amburn

    May God rest their souls and May God bring comfort to their families

  • Corpal Amburn

    Honor them and their families for the greatest sacrifice our brother’s are with God now and with peace May their families soon have peace amen

  • Daniel Miller

    Navigatin’ through all them LADS on P.I. I spose’. As my Grandpa used to tell me, “Son, that dog just don’t hunt.”
    (Note: pay no attention to the INTENTIONAL spelling errors, just typing the way my Grandpa talked.)
    D. Miller
    0311 ’74-’76

  • Paul 0311

    Ah!! Your “Hole Barracks” I get it!! Paul 0311

  • Nick

    Plt. 4069. you must be WM. and would KNOW if this story is BS. At first I thought it might be a “Drunk Post” but now I’m sure it is all made up. On a lighter note,when I was at PI in 66 Had the pleasure of walking guard duty at the WM barracks. While walking my post came face to face with the cutest dang OD, a LT. Took all of my will power not to turn and watch her walking away! Nick 0311/8531 PS wonder if she actually knows what LADNAV is.

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