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Man Cave

Man Cave

My Man Cave/Office is where I spend most of my time during the day, I have an on-line marketing business that I am working on.

All of the items that I have collected, I try to keep as original as I can. For example my Dress Blues in the glass Display case, the field phone I have on my wall is the same as the phone I used in Vietnam in a village we patrolled when we were not attached out on assignment. One day myself and another Marine were surrounded in the village at Chu-Lai, and still don't know today why they just turned around and walked away. We had the phone set up in front of their Buddhist temple and I called headquarters and they sent 3 truckloads of Marines, we searched the huts, but they were all gone. That is the story on the phone.

On my table with items I used in Vietnam are, Helmet, M-14 Rounds, C-Rations that we used in Vietnam and a Figurine of a Flamethrower that my wife made for me, since you cannot find any like that anywhere. Another wall I have the canteen, ammo box, bayonet (for the M-14) and Grenades, again I try to keep everything as original as possible to what we used in Vietnam. Wall plaques such as Marine Corps Emblem and 1/4 Unit Insignia again was sculpted by my wife for me.

Dan Sheffer
Sgt E-5, 1/4, 1963-1967

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