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Manual of Rakes

Manual of Rakes

By: Edward Dobberstein

After completion of 5 months Special Communications Training at Pensacola NCTC in 1968, I had two weeks to wait for my overseas orders. My instructions were to “just stay out of trouble”.
While hanging out in the barracks one day the 1st Sgt picked me out and told me to round up 6 other Marines and go to Special Services, check out some rakes, and proceed to the Base Chapel and rake the leaves. Having done so we were on our way to the chapel when we encountered and officer. He stopped us and asked who was in charge here. I saluted and told him I was. (at the time Lance Corporal.) He said we were a disgrace and should march where we were going in an orderly fashion. So, I had everyone line up, snap to attention, present rakes, right shoulder rakes, and march in a column of twos, calling cadence all the while. When we arrived at the Chapel, the Chaplain was thoroughly impressed. After that I quit hanging around the barracks and went to Pensacola Beach every day to work on my tan. Lesson learned.

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Harry 1371 - March 29, 2020

Had a commanding officer named Lt/Col Funderburk. Any relation? Harry

Ron Black - March 29, 2020

Was a ditty chaser at NCTC 67-68. Best liberty a Marine could ask for. Went to the beach every chance I got.

Stephen Funderburk - March 29, 2020

i was there in 1970 after nam and the navy guys were still the same. Semper Fi .

Bill 0331 - March 29, 2020

Rake the sand but, do not get caught killing any fleas.

JerBear - March 29, 2020

Great story, brought back memories. I too was at NCTC Pensacola in ‘73 then onto Okinawa.

A. Mac. 1/9..3rd. 1/5..1st - March 29, 2020

Speaking of raking…. When in boot camp at MCRD San Diego (1953) we were “required” to rake and water the “grass”, daily around our platoon’s
huts. And those furrows in the sand had better be dress right dressed!!

Ronusmc - March 29, 2020

I was attending an advanced electronics school (6 months) at MCRD San Diego in the mid 60s. Advanced as in the students were Staff NCOs and Warrent Officers. Me and another student were the only 2 non-NCOs (Lance Corporals). As such we couldn’t straggle to lunch but had to march each other to chow. Really dumb and really looked stupid. Everybody cracked up as we marched by, one calling cadence for the formation of one. Fortunately we both got promoted during the class and could then wander to lunch.

The Deuce - March 29, 2020

Yep, always keep a low profile and never let me learn your name.

MSgt Edd Prothro, USMC Ret. 1964-1984 - March 29, 2020

Great story and picture. Semper Fi!!

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