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March Into The Fence

March Into The Fence Admin |

I thought your readers might enjoy the Before and After photos from my Boot camp Graduation Book, Platoon 304, graduation date 6 March 1967, MCRDSD. S/Sgt. W. Zeiferts was Platoon Commander. He smacked me once on the Big Grinder because I was stupid enough to question a drill command. Sgt. R. Ramos was the Drill Instructor. He would take off his web belt and throw it in the air when we screwed up. It was scary and funny at the same time.

I won't mention the other Drill Instructor's name but he was (apparently) right out of DI School. He used to march us into the fence at the small grinder by the airport runway.

Tony Mastriani
Semper Fidelis

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