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Marine And His Helmet Message Some 40 years Ago

Marine And His Helmet Message Some 40 years Ago

Sign reading Vietnam 1966-67 Dong HaJust recently I received a few photos from my former platoon Sgt. Billy Johnson of Conn.

In the photo was a group of Marines from the 11th Engineer Bn – Charlie Co. out on route # 1 and involved in road sweeps for the day – the year was 1968 and the area was the DMZ.

Listed on on Marine L/Cpl. Danny L. Jones’ helmet was the message of ” Painsville Ohio”.

So with our big reunion coming up next Oct 2010 in DC I called for information. Nothing.

Then on the 2nd day – we found him!

Marine L/Cpl. Danny L. Jones of Charlie co 11th Engr Bn completed his tour and went home to his family after being separated at Treasure Island, Ca.

Danny went to work, raised his kids and lives today still in Painsville, Ohio.

He’s also now planning to attend his first reunion and visit DC plus the Vietnam Wall for the very first time.

The Marines that served with the 11th Engineer Bn 3rd Marine Division from 1966 to 1969 [on pullout] can be proud of their hard work that was achieved under combat conditions and it times of uncertainty.

Approx 200 purple hearts were earned during those times to also include a few silver and bronze stars too.

Keeping the major roads open that included routes one and nine – helped keep the fire support bases up and resupplied as well when the choppers could get in or were on other major operations.

Welcome home Danny and to all who served in that area once called the “DMZ” .

Gene T.Spanos
Sgt. USMC 66-71
11th Engr Bn 2/68-2/69 [ Sqd Ldr Cpl ]
Vietnam – DMZ

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