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Marine Barracks Great Lakes

Marine Barracks Great Lakes

Last week a plaque was affixed to building #2 at Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois. The plaque reads: "Site of the former Marine Barracks, Naval Station Great Lakes 1926-1977. This plaque honors all Marines who were stationed with Marine Barracks Great Lakes 1926-1977, during peacetime and wartime. The Marines stationed in these barracks represented the Marine Corps, the Navy, and the nation with dedicated, honorable, and professional service. Semper Fidelis. Donated by Marine Barracks Great Lakes, Project 2015."


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Carl Hall - July 14, 2023

I was stationed at Marine Barracks in 1962-1963 Brigg duty starboard side.
Also did some cross country chasing. A great duty station.

Daniel R. Devine - June 7, 2022

I am a proud member of Marine Barracks 1971-1975. Great Memories !
I wish all members the very best.
God Bless You

Dan Devine
Sergeant 1968-1977

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