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Marine Barracks Great Lakes Special Project

Marine Barracks Great Lakes Special Project


Today we are proud of the hard work performed by my post as well as by myself in seeing this special project come true.

On November 10th 2015 ( date pending ) we are going to see the following Marine Barracks plaque become permanently affixed to the former MB bldg # 2.

The many duties of these Marines while posted involved 1). Cross country chasers ( AWOL collections ) 2). Brig Security/Duty, 3). Honor Guard – Burial details ( at times two per day ) 4). Caring for our wounded ( casualty company ) getting our wounded Marines back on their feet.

Check presentation towards the Marine Barracks Great Lakes Special Plaque Gene T. Spanos & Ms. Diane Schneider ( Marketing Mgr For Cabela's – Hoffman Estates, IL)

Since being closed in 77' this former Marine Bks has been closed without any recognition for the three generations of United States Marines that served there in peace time and war.

We also wanted to thank Cabela's in stepping up to the plate with an in kind donation as well.

Semper Fi
Gene Spanos
Marines Sgt. ( 66-71 )
MB G-Lakes 1st Tour part of 67' – 2nd tour 3/69 – 9/70

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