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Marine Boot Camp

Marine Boot Camp
by Teri Johnston

Momma raised me to be tough
Drill instructor says I aint tough enough
Momma didn?t raise no quitter
Drill instructor says he aint no babysitter
No more late nights with my friends
Just ten more miles to march up around the bend
I?m marching time, I?m hiking hills, some days it?s really rough
Drill Instructor says I aint done enough
They?re training me hard, training me good
Drill Instructor says I aint training like I should
I don?t wanna do no more
But I keep going because I joined the corps
Momma used to make me spaghetti and meatballs
Now I gotta eat real fast in the chow hall
Momma used to tell me to take the trash out
Now every waking minute I listen to the Drill Instructor shout
Some days I sure don?t want to be here
But getting the attention of the Drill Instructor is my biggest fear
Drill Instructor says I aint good enough
I?ll show him I?m more than tough
Push ups, sit ups, pull ups
Some days I just wanna throw up
Momma I?m getting real strong
Marine boot camp is so long
Little sister sings cadence at home and doesn?t stop
Big brother in San Diego is giving it all he?s got
Got my jungle boots and M16
Learned to camouflage and not be seen
Gonna earn the title United States Marine
Drill Instructor says I got what it takes
Over the wall, under the wire, a Marine he did make.

My son Stephen graduates September 21, 2007 and I am so thrilled to go see him.

Thanks for the great newsletter and for everyone that writes in!
Teri Johnston
Proud mom of a soon to be Marine

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