Marine Bumper Stickers

Marine Bumper Stickers

Hey Grit; Here’s a shot of some bumper stickers on my truck in the Concord, NH annual Magic Christmas Parade, where The Gary S Dillon Det MCL kicks of the season’s Toys for Tots

Joe Shea 1953-1961 Still a Marine. 16yrs in the League

American By Birth Marine By Choice Bumper Sticker

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  • Susan Toland

    Hi. Please consider bringing back your bumper sticker that read “I may look harmless but I raised a United States Marine”. I’m proud of my Marine son & loved having that sticker on my car. It brought me salutes from other drivers, bikers, truck drivers along with hands over hearts. When my car was rear-ended a couple years ago it wrecked that bumper sticker & Ive been looking for it in the Sgt. Grit catalogs since without success. Thanks for your wonderful products! Susan Toland Marine Mom & Navy Brat

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