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Marine Christmas Decorations

Marine Christmas Decorations

SGT Grit,

I wanted to share with you our Christmas decorations on our house this year. My husband retired from the Marine Corps 2 years ago and I decided this year to create a working party of Marines putting up Christmas lights on the house. We live in Havelock NC (home of Cherry Point) and enjoy the friendly competition with our neighbors each year, all of whom are also retired Marines. The Marines on the house and in the yard are about 24-30 inches tall and were recreated from the artwork of SSGT G.M. Flynn of 3rd MAR DIV Okinawa. You may be familiar with SSGT Flynn?s artwork. The Marine d?cor is getting quite a bit of attention this year. The theme of the d?cor is after the book series, ?I SPY?. In case you can?t read the book below, it says ? I SPY a Semper Fi Christmas working party, I spy 17 busy Marines making Havelock shine?. Passer bys can stop and look for all 17 Marines. I will have to send the rest of the photos in another email. Look for another email to follow.

Rose Park
USMC wife retired

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